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Tuesday, February 20, 2018
Pacific Time: 11:03 AM || Mountain Time: 12:03 PM || Central Time: 1:03 PM || Eastern Time: 2:03 PM

Hall of Fame

Name: Reason:
Gen.Bad he\'s bad, hes helped out just about every in gen at one point or another, hes done too much to list for genesis. plus hes gen.Bad, nuff said
Gen.Mike Very Sefless and always willing to help others he deserves a spot in here no matter how much i (Rath) flip him shit <3 you bud
Gen.Proint Our leader and founder. We will follow him to the end.

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how is everyone
just letting you
know i am still
alive lol
D2 NL that is
Lmk, mainly on acc
name dub_sack
Rarely on D3 but my
is dubtize@yahoo.

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