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Tuesday, February 20, 2018
Pacific Time: 11:00 AM || Mountain Time: 12:00 PM || Central Time: 1:00 PM || Eastern Time: 2:00 PM


Behavior Rules:

1. Be respectful to all members.

If there is an offense the council will decide the consequences.

2. Act as a mature individual. You represent the clan, so you must live out the clan values.

3. Members must login the site atleast once every 7 days (although once every day is prefered).

4. Members must remain active on Battle.net and the forums.

5. Members may choose to wear the Gen tag. Gen.NameHere. We ask that upon the creation of a new account and after joining Genesis, you add Gen. as an affix to your account. If you make a new character, we ask that it has Gen- or Gen_ as a tag.

6. Members should have only one Gen. account on the site.

7. Members must respect all allied clans and their members.

8. Members must be part of only one clan, Genesis. However, if Genesis does not support a game in which you would like to join a clan, joining said clan is permitted.

9. Members should not lie about their stats on the site.

10. Members should not provoke wars with other clans. Clan battles and war are two completely different things. We encourage clan battles to get our name out and improve skill level.

11. A promotion will be awarded when it is deserved. Do not ask for one.

12. Stay Active.

13. Members must know and abide by all rules.

Bot Rules

1. Only generals will be allowed to hold a shaman unless stated otherwise by a Commander.

2. All generals and above should have full access to all ops bots and other bots in channel.

3. Some higher ranked officers will have access to operator bots.

4. No member should abuse ops privilege.

5. All runners for the Clan Genesis D2 Bot channel will have access to kick and ban members from said channel. All Genesis members will safelisted. No outside people will be safelisted unless approved by a General.

LoA and Disablement

1. A member is able to leave the clan as many times as they want. However, each time they will start at Recruit upon rejoining.

2. Disablement due to failed login is not considered a leave.

3. Disablement can only be reversed by Clan Council if the cause was not failing to login.

4. In the time a high rank is IA (inactive), he will be moved to the rank of Enlisted, and a member of a lower rank may be asked to take over the duties until the member returns.

5. Upon return, the IA member will be put back to the old rank, and the sub will be moved accordingly (This will be determind by the Clan Council).

6. After a long period of time IA, the member will be disabled. The time will be determined based on previous knowledge of the IA request. A disablement due to this can be overturned with a reasonable explanation, and not counted as a leave.

7. After 3 seperate failed logins for an entire week (time it takes to be disabled for not logging in), it will be considered a leave.

Hacks and Dupes

1. Clan Genesis allows but does not promote the use of some hacks. We leave the choice up to our members. Squads can have their own rules in this regard.

2. Using duped items is your choice. You will not be banned for using them. However, we do not support the use of them and thus, if you lose your item, we are not responsible for getting you gear.

Clan Council

The Clan Council would function as a jury and the decision makers of Clan Genesis.

It would be made up of slected members, most likely ranging from Colonol to the Commanders.

They would discuss afairs such as appealing a disablement, making new rules, declaring war, and other trials (like item theft).

The Council will also be able to determine the rank of a returning member based on past contributions. This must first be proposed by a Council member to initiate the process.

For members under Officer, the promotions will be based on days in the clan.

Promotions to officer and higher:

1. Only one recommendation is needed. Once a recommendation is made, the Council will investigate and decide.
2. 75% for immediate promotion
3. 60% for additional discussion
4. 59% and under for denial of promotion
5. Because we will have the Clan Council, those who are in the Council will have the exclusive privilege to vote on who gets a promotion.

Minimum Offier Requirements

1. Days in clan: 14
2. Posts in forums: 5
3. Logins to site: 14
4. Active on Bnet. 2 hours per week.

In the event that a Council Member be put under investigation, his access to the forum will be suspended until a decision is reached.

Forum Rules

1. Flooding the forums (mass spam) would result in a permanent ban (both IP and username). This could be appealed by the high council if requested by the person banned.

2. Bad posts like porn will result in pusning issued by the Council. If there are multiple offenses, the punishment will escalate accordingly.

3. All members will be treated with respect. There will be no racism, sexism, or anything that degrades the worth or beliefs of another forumer. The Council will punish accordingly.

4. No votes will be counted after the closure of a poll. Poll results will be posted the same time of poll closure.

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how is everyone
just letting you
know i am still
alive lol
D2 NL that is
Lmk, mainly on acc
name dub_sack
Rarely on D3 but my
is dubtize@yahoo.

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