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Sunday, December 17, 2017
Pacific Time: 7:02 PM || Mountain Time: 8:02 PM || Central Time: 9:02 PM || Eastern Time: 10:02 PM

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 Rank: Commander
 Poster: Proint
 Date: 10/16/13
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The change to Transcend is now finally happening. We are currently looking at new forum software and a possible new site. Everything Genesis will become Transcend. The channel and guild on d2jsp were changed over a year ago.

The forums will be purged and reactived and will serve as a facilitator to the ongoing changes. Registration will likely be closed so any one who would like an account will have to ask an admin for one. Current admins are Proint and Blank.


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how is everyone
just letting you
know i am still
alive lol
D2 NL that is
Lmk, mainly on acc
name dub_sack
Rarely on D3 but my
is dubtize@yahoo.

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