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Monday, December 18, 2017
Pacific Time: 12:32 PM || Mountain Time: 1:32 PM || Central Time: 2:32 PM || Eastern Time: 3:32 PM

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 Chat Board
 Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
 Poster: Gen.AnarienSPDZ
 Date: 6/16/10
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RuneScape Squad

Rune Scape Squad

Hello everyone I am starting up a Rune Scape
Squad. This is the first RS squad that Genises has
seen. We are hoping to get a big response with
this. Since this is just starting up it will
mainly be F2P if you are into Rs your help will
be greatly appreciated. The leader of this squad
is Gen.AnarienSPDZ (me) as of now. If we get alot
of good members and some good turnouts then that
may change. For right now I am just trying to see
who is already playing and who is interested in
joining. If you are interested or already playing
please respond to this msg.

Thank you,

2nd lieutenant Gen.AnarienSPDZ

rs name Kingsweet121


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how is everyone
just letting you
know i am still
alive lol
D2 NL that is
Lmk, mainly on acc
name dub_sack
Rarely on D3 but my
is dubtize@yahoo.

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