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Monday, December 18, 2017
Pacific Time: 12:33 PM || Mountain Time: 1:33 PM || Central Time: 2:33 PM || Eastern Time: 3:33 PM

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 Chat Board
 Rank: Captain
 Poster: Gen.Bender
 Date: 12/7/09
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Dude you have no idea how much effort I have put in to this clan. Why would I throw it all away by stealing someone\'s stuff? It\'s wrong of you to accuse me of doing it when the only proof you have is me knowing your password. I wasn\'t even able to access the internet when it happened. Don\'t go on about disrespect and stuff. You are the one showing disrespect towards me and the clan.


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how is everyone
just letting you
know i am still
alive lol
D2 NL that is
Lmk, mainly on acc
name dub_sack
Rarely on D3 but my
is dubtize@yahoo.

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